Get Ready For Snowy Weather Driving In Colorado Springs

October 15th, 2019 by

Snowy mountain driving

As we prepare for winter weather to arrive, it is the perfect time to ensure you have the best vehicle for your Colorado Springs drive.  An all-wheel-drive vehicle from Jaguar will provide you the handling, performance, and luxury for a snowy weather drive you will even look forward to.  Jaguar Colorado Springs has a super selection of AWD car and SUV models for you to choose from.  Visit our Southern Colorado dealership for a test drive of one of these dynamic Jaguar models.

If you are pleased with the vehicle you already drive, make sure it is in winter-ready condition by doing a vehicle inspection.  You can do this yourself or schedule an appointment for the Jaguar experts at our service center to do it.  Make sure to check your battery for signs of wear, windshield wipers for ability to provide acceptable visibility, and that all fluids are topped off.  Tires are an important part of your winter vehicle handling.  Check to ensure your tire tread depth is sufficient for excellent grip.  To easily check tread depth, stick a penny in the tread head side down and facing you.  If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, your tires do not have enough tread for safe handling.  The Jaguar Tire Source has a wide selection of quality, top-brand tires for you to choose from if you need to replace your tires.  Our staff is knowledgeable about the perfect tires for your specific Jaguar!  Always be certain your tires are inflated to proper tire pressure.  This will assist with handling and even tire wear.

Visit Jaguar Colorado Springs today and let us introduce you to the capable line-up of Jaguar AWD vehicles.  Or, schedule your appointment with the Service Center to have your current vehicle inspected for winter-readiness.  We look forward to helping you have an excellent Colorado drive, no matter what the weather throws at you!