Jaguar Innovative InControl System Puts You in Control For Your Colorado Springs Drive

September 23rd, 2019 by

Jaguar InControl System

One exciting aspect of vehicles today is the variety of intuitive services and applications that enhance your drive.  In the Jaguar line-up, one such feature is the InControl system.  The InControl system is powered by an Intel multi-core processor with a high-speed ethernet network to help power your touchscreen and make your drive fully connected.  It is made up of many different parts to encompass your entertainment, your security, and your connectivity.  Here’s a look at some of the parts of the InControl system:

Depending on the year and trim level of your Jaguar, you will either have the Touch or Touch Pro version of the system.  Each has their own great features and are similar.  You can connect your smart phone to access countless apps as well as the Meridian sound system, that will play your music in high quality sound.  There are three available Meridian sound systems to choose from – the basic Meridian sound, the surround sound, and the signature sound system. The InControl system also allows you to use the helpful navigation system to help you find where you’re going.  It also gives you the driver assistance features that make your drive safer, as well.  One such feature is the Park Assist, which can help you move in and out of a parking spot. 

Lastly, the InControl system can be accessed remotely from your smart phone in an app to benefit you as well.  You can control your Jaguar from a distance with the remote features, like remotely accessing your windows.  Plus, you can call roadside assistance or give an SOS emergency call from the app.  This even includes a stolen vehicle locator! 

Here at Jaguar Colorado Springs we have a large inventory of Jaguar vehicles that provide you with the innovative assistance of the InControl system.  Let us help you find the perfect Jaguar to fit your budgets, needs, and wants today!  Stop in to check out our inventory and take a test drive of your favorite.