Jaguar is Getting Children behind the Wheel

October 21st, 2015 by

jaguar xeIt’s hard to forget about your first time behind the wheel of a vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you were driving around a local department store parking lot, down backroads out in the country or something a bit more illegal. That’s what Jaguar is counting on with its latest initiative and it’s working to help prepare children for safe driving practices while getting its brand out there a bit more as well. They’re doing this by letting children as young as 11 take The Jaguar XE for a spin, that’s right, your 11 year old can drive a Jag, as long as he happens to live in the UK.


What They are Doing

Jaguar is going around to six different locations around the UK and making the XE available to children between 11 and 17 who want to learn more about safe driving first hand. Of course each of these children will have to operate the vehicle on a closed track, but that shouldn’t bring the experience down for them at all.

Real-Life Experiences

The events are supposed to put children into experiences that simulate real-life road experiences. Of course the child isn’t going to be allowed full control over the vehicle, there is going to be a check in place to help make the whole thing a bit safer. A government-approved instructor will be sitting alongside the child and will have his hands on a set of dual controls to take over just in case. While it sounds like Jaguar is actually taking control away from children, in reality the dual control setup gives them more freedom. They’ll be able to act as the sole driver while going through the course and they won’t have an adult hovering over top of the controls waiting for something to happen.

The Car

Jaguar is going to be using the Jaguar XE 2.0 liter four-cylinder diesel vehicle for the project. The car packs a very healthy 180 HP and should be more than enough power to be a fun experience for the children.

Excellent Promotion

This safety event is an excellent promotional effort made by Jaguar. Not only will the company get its name out there for helping to improve road safety, but it also gets it’s new XE out in the media more and helps acquaint children, potential consumers of the future, with the Jaguar brand and firmly plants itself into the memory of all those children taking a car for a spin for the very first time. It’s a brilliant move by the company and a pretty cool event for all those children who will get to experience driving for the first time.


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