Jaguar Land Rover is Planning an All Electric Vehicle

February 26th, 2015 by

land rover defenderJaguar Land Rover is planning on producing an electric vehicle in the next couple years, but word is that they aren’t sure whether it will be badged as a Land Rover or a Jaguar vehicle. Either way the vehicle is expected to be a large SUV with enough space for a larger battery pack and a more robust electric power syste

Building on the F-PACE Framework

If the electric vehicle ends up being a Jaguar model it’s likely that it will be based on the F-PACE framework that hasn’t yet been released. If the vehicle is built on top of this framework then it’s likely it will have a performance slant that makes the vehicle more suited to track use than off-roading. Either way the electric model could be something very exciting and not just Jaguar fans will be lining up to take it for a spin.

The Defender Experiment

Jaguar isn’t new to electric vehicles and they actually released an electric experiment known as the Defender just two short years ago. This boxy SUV was built with a 94 HP engine that produced a pretty sizeable 243 lb.-ft. of torque. Just seven of these vehicles were ever constructed and word is that they performed pretty well too. If the information is true the Defender was able to handle all the rough terrain that the standard diesel-powered system could.

Releasing An Electric Model in Two Years

The new battery-powered vehicle from Jaguar Land Rover isn’t expected to be released until 2018, and a plug-in hybrid should be put out first in 2017. The actual release date depends on how long the hybrid takes to be completed and how well it does once it actually debuts.

If everything goes according to plan, and the rumors are true then there should be an all-electric SUV released around the globe with either a Jaguar or Land Rover badge attached. It’s likely to be a very rugged vehicle that will be at home on dirt roads, but there’s always the possibility that the vehicle will be designed with performance in mind more than ruggedness. Either way, if the vehicle does well there will likely be a whole slew of all-electric models in the works.

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