Pet Friendly Travel in Your Jaguar

June 18th, 2019 by

Summertime means taking fun vacations and road trips, but sometimes it’s hard to bring your furry friend along.  That doesn’t have to ruin your road trip – there are some great products and helpful tips you can use to make traveling with your pet a great experience.  Jaguar offers the Pet Pack with features that can protect the inside of your vehicle while keeping your pet safe and happy.  The luggage compartment partition keeps the rear side of your Jaguar vehicle separated from the rest, so your pet stays safely in the back and debris doesn’t fill the whole car.  Plus, the pack includes a rubber mat or a rigid liner tray which helps to catch water or anything else carried in by your pet.  Jaguar also offers its own foldable pet carrier and a helpful pet access ramp to make getting your pet into the vehicle easier. 

When you’re traveling with your pet, there are some easy guidelines to follow to make it as  stress-free as possible.  If your pet isn’t used to long drives, it’s best to prep them by taking increasingly longer drives to get them used to it.  You should also pack a pet friendly kit that includes food and water bowls, grooming supplies, any medications your pet takes, and even a first aid kit for any just-in-case problems.  Finally, never leave your pet alone in the car, which will require planning your breaks in pet-friendly situations.  Pack a picnic and have the whole family enjoy lunch at a park where your four-legged friend can get some playtime in.   

Contact us at Jaguar Colorado Springs in Colorado Springs if you are interested in adding pet friendly accessories to your Jaguar, or to take a look at models that can have these features fitted into.  We would be happy to help make road tripping with your pet an enjoyable experience!