The 2015 Jaguar F-TYPE is a Snow Machine

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2015 Jaguar F-TYPEMost people, including me, assume that snow-covered roads are no place for a sports car. While that may be the case for some vehicles, the rear-wheel drive 2015 Jaguar F-TYPE is putting that myth to rest a bit. Journalists from NY Daily News took out the F-TYPE for a three-day trip around the northeast, and what they expected to be a unnerving trip was actually very relaxing and more than enough to impress them.

The F-TYPE Outfitted for Snow

To be fair the journalists weren’t operating a standard F-TYPE straight out of the factory. The car received a single modification, a pair of Blizzak snow tires. The tires are designed to be more pliable in cold temperatures and has deeper more aggressive tread for biting into snowy roadways effectively. This slight change was all that was needed to prepare this stunning sports car to charge down snowy back roads, that even some SUVs would be intimidated by.

How it Handles Snow

The journalists describe hitting their first powdery roadways as an unnerving experience, and they had momentary regrets, but once on the powder they realized just how capable the F-TYPE is. Once the dynamic drive is set to “Snow” the vehicle adjusts throttle and braking characteristics to help provide solid performance on roads that provide minimal traction. Overall the experience was described as uneventful. There were a few handling differences in snowy conditions, but they were minimal. Braking is dampened a bit, making it vital to start slowing down earlier. Steering is dulled a bit as well and more gradual cornering is necessary, but only to a slight degree.

What’s most surprising about the trip is that the 2015 Jaguar F-TYPE seems just as capable as most all-wheel drive sedans and SUVs in the snow. Maybe the credit should go to the Blizzak winter tires, but northern buyers should be aware of the fact that they don’t necessarily have to garage their little beauty all winter, but instead can bring it out to play with confidence.

Jaguar has confirmed that much of their F-TYPE lineup will also be available with all-wheel drive in the future. That modification promises even more sure-footed handling than the rear-wheel drive vehicle has, but surprisingly it isn’t necessary. Northern drivers who plan to operate the vehicle in the snow on a yearly basis would probably want to spring for the upgrade, but for the occasional drive in the snow the rear-wheel setup is more than enough.

With 380 HP on tap and its lightweight and aerodynamic body the F-TYPE is still a sports car at heart, but it’s not as limited as most people would assume. The vehicle is just as capable as most sedans and even many of the trucks and SUVs when it comes to inclimate weather, and that sells us on it even more than it’s sexy lines and curvy appeal.

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